ScopeValet Endoscopy Procedure Kits

ScopeValet™ ENDOSCOPY KITS provide a safe and efficient way for you to prepare, begin and perform the reprocessing procedure. ScopeValet™ Endoscopy Kits provide you with all the necessary supplies you need for every Endoscopy case in one convenient package. ScopeValet™ Endoscopy Kits are available in four different pre-packed assortments which provide the essential items required for each of the various procedures. Each package is labeled and color-coded to easily identify its contents and the procedure for which it is intended to be used.

Compliance Kit Image

Compliance Kit

Item No. 345SVC
Colonoscopy & EGD Kit Image

Colonoscopy & EGD Kit

Item No. 345SVR
Bronchoscopy Kit Image

Bronchoscopy Kit

Item No. 345SVBC
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CUSTOM ScopeValet™ Endoscopy Kits

Design your own kit to your specific needs

ScopeValet™ Endoscopy CUSTOM Kits are fully customized to meet your exact Endoscopy lab requirements. Ruhof offers you the ability to create your own ScopeValet™ Endoscopy CUSTOM Kits with the components of your choice. Simply tell us what is necessary for your individual needs and we will create your special kit! Please see the Ruhof customization sheet for custom kit options.

colonoscopy kit

bronchoscopy kit

egd kit